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The Corporate Event Singer – Your Parties Must Have Entertainment

Many corporate companies have felt the benefit of an improved economy over the last couple of years and a recent survey has shown they are ready to break the purse strings and organise a Christmas party or corporate event for their hardworking employees.

In 2015, out of 100 companies surveyed over 89% declared they would be holding some form of party for their employees, that’s an increase from 82% in 2012 and 68% in 2011. A big rise in business, especially for companies who specialise in event and party planning. The same companies who suffered when companies tightened their belts in the recession.

Over 60% of corporate companies will rely on outside help in organizing their party. Event planners, caterers and local hotels are all high on the list as companies businesses will turn too for assistance and guidance.

There are so many options available for parties, which is made even harder when companies are trying to cater for all of their staff. Every year the same murmurs and complaints will do their rounds in each department. Some employees complain about the food choice, the venue or the entertainment that has been chosen.

Many companies like to play it safe and organise the same venue year after year, it takes the worry of choosing somewhere that is not great value for money or that will present terrible food or entertainment. The party is then ruined for everyone.

The most popular form of entertainment at corporate events is actually a disco. The disco is usually part of a package if you choose to attend a party organised by a hotel. Hotels will offer the entire package, from food, drink and entertainment. They also offer extras like crackers, hats and even mince pies and coffee. Many corporate companies choose a hotel as everything is taken care of and there is minimal input required from them.

For larger companies with a larger budget the most recent fashion has been to organise their own venue, caterers and entertainment. This gives them more chance to personalise their party; from the food to the style and location of the venue.

Surprisingly the disco is no longer top choice for entertainment at a corporate event or party. The biggest growth in entertainment has been bands or a professional singer. Companies have found bands can offer a better experience for their staff, they can choose the style of band they want, including the look and type of music.

When it comes to a professional singer, they also offer companies the chance to have a more personal entertainment experience. A professional singer will be able to tailor their songs and style to that of the companies. The most common style being a singer who can offer entertainment as well as generic music for when they are in between sets.

Most will offer packages to suit their clients; from a set including songs they have chosen or a set containing songs the company have selected. The entertainment will feel unique and personal for the person organising the event.

A professional singer is usually booked for weddings, closely followed by parties. They will be expected to sing the first dance song for the couple as well as providing interim music when guests are eating and listening to speeches.

Many will offer flexible packages to suit all types of budgets and personal requests. If you are a company looking for a unique and bespoke entertainment option for your party, choosing a band or professional singer could be a great and affordable option.

All you will need to worry about is choosing the right outfit for your company party.